Rules of the

1. General rules and regulations.

1.1. This website offers service for activating the accounts automatically, meaning that it shall provide numbers for the activation of various accounts.
1.2. This website is not responsible for any numbers provided by this service or loss of them after activation; activated accounts due to piracy and financial damage; how numbers and accounts are used.
1.3. Any attempt of deception, usage of vulnerabilities in the system and financial fraud alike are the gravest violations of the rules and results in penalty from obligatory indefinite ban to criminal liability.
1.4. Breach of any country’s laws by using the service of this website is absolutely prohibited, this website is a supporter of legitimate business and acts. If this website finds any suspected act or successful attempt that breaches a country’s laws, employees of the company can not send material to concerned authorized personnel.
1.5. This website reserves the right to change, correlate, add to, delete the rules in this section.
1.6. This website has the right to change the prices without making an announcement to users. Prices are increased or decreased with direct proportion to the exchange rate of dollar.